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Non Profit Organizations

Non-profit corporations and similar entities must comply with a complex set of statutes and tax rules that must be followed if favorable and legal operation under the law is to be achieved. For religious organizations, the legal landscape is even more daunting because such organizations also operate in a legal environment made even more complex by religious custom, doctrine and church discipline.

The Firm’s lawyers are adept at advising religious and non-profit organizations regarding the unique legal issues that such organizations encounter. The Firm has represented religious organizations in the creation, use, and management of endowments, donor gift instruments, corporate sponsorships, commercial transactions, real estate development projects, and with respect to church governance issues, including litigating several church schism matters. The Firm has assisted many churches, large and small, with campus expansion projects, real estate acquisitions and commercial lending matters. The Firm has provided advice with regard to tax-exempt status and advice and counsel to boards of trustees and/or directors.

Representative clients includes: the 6th Episcopal Districts of the A.M.E. and C.M.E. connectional churches, Big Bethel A.M.E. Church, St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Antioch A.M.E. Church, New Life Missionary Baptist Church, Ben Hill United Methodist Church, Sterling Chapel United Methodist Church, Radcliffe Presbyterian Church, Emmanuel Temple Holiness Church, St. John AME of Fairburn, Georgia, Wheat Street Baptist Church, Cornerstone Baptist Church, New Bethel AME of Lithonia, Springfield Baptist Church, Peace Baptist Church, and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church of Lithonia.

The Firm has assisted these clients with internal governance issues, economic development projects, seniors housing, mixed use development projects, and entity formation and tax-exempt compliance.

Experience in Non-Profit Law

Navigating the intricate maze of non-profit regulations requires specialized understanding. With years of dedication, our firm possesses extensive experience advising religious and non-profit organizations on their unique legal challenges. We have assisted various entities in managing endowments, navigating tax-exempt statuses, and ensuring compliant governance, laying a foundation of trust and expertise.

Integrity in Non-Profit Representation

Guidance for non-profit entities isn’t just about knowing the law, but about championing the values and missions they represent. We pride ourselves on offering principled counsel, understanding the multifaceted challenges faced by non-profits. Whether it’s matters of board structure, advocacy, or even intellectual property rights, our commitment is unwavering and rooted in genuine integrity.

Non-Profit Law Expertise

Operating within the non-profit sector involves navigating a unique set of statutes and tax regulations. Religious organizations, in particular, must intertwine legal considerations with religious customs and doctrines. With years of experience, our firm stands ready to guide non-profit entities through these complexities, ensuring compliance and fostering success.


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