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Individuals, families and businesses need legal counsel. You want to work with a law firm that meets your high expectations. You want a strong firm with a commitment to excellence and the resources to achieve your goals. You want Hollowell Foster & Herring, attorneys who are committed to protecting you, your family and your business!

Over 40 Years of Experience

Our attorneys assist clients with a myriad of legal issues. Every engagement receives our attorneys' full focus and the benefit of decades of collective wisdom and experience. We look beyond the books to craft sophisticated solutions to our clients' legal and business problems with creativity and flexibility that anticipate the marketplace, always mindful that efficiency and diligence are critical to the bottom line. Of paramount importance to us is to deliver workable, practical plans and strategies that make sense from all legal and business aspects.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Don't fail to put a proper estate plan in place. Set the stage today for family harmony while protecting your loved ones.

EEO Services

The Firm collaborates with federal agencies to ensure that discrimination complaints are processed fairly & promptly.

Employment Discrimination

Discrimination occurs when an employer adversely singles out employees or applicants...

Non-Profit Law

Our attorneys are attuned to the unique needs of each client, and we provide comprehensive legal counsel and practical advice...

Corporate and Business Transactions

Every large business was once a small business! Let us serve as your trusted advisors & advocates!

Probate Administration

Probate legal guidance to assist you at all stages of probate proceedings

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We understand that problems and troubles do not only surface during business hours. We respond to calls, emails, and text messages after hours and on weekends, which means that we have experienced attorneys on-call who are always available to help.

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