Comprehensive EEO Services

Hollowell, Foster & Herring will collaborate with your agency to facilitate thorough and efficient resolution of pre-complaint matters as well as formal complaints of discrimination, as required by law, thereby ensuring EEO compliance and reducing your agency's exposure to liability. Hollowell, Foster & Herring will make all necessary reasonable accommodations to affiants with visual and/or hearing impairments. Your agency will be furnished with written Reports of Counseling that adhere to all standards set forth in EEOC Management Directive 110 and that are submitted within appropriate time frames.

Hollowell Foster & Herring provides superior customer service. As requested, your agency will be presented with weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

The Firm offers the following services:

Letter of Acceptance/Dismissal – Review the allegations contained in the complaint to determine whether the issues should be formally accepted, partially dismissed, or dismissed based upon the available record and prepare a letter to that effect.

EEO Counseling – The Firm will provide EEO counseling services. This would include advising the aggrieved party and management officials of their rights; conducting an informal inquiry into allegations of discrimination raised in the pre-complaint; and attempting to facilitate resolution of discrimination complaints at the pre-complaint stage. Additionally, the Firm will keep records indicating when the aggrieved first contacted the counselor and the matters raised by the aggrieved. These records will document the inquiry methods used to reach a resolution, the results of the inquiry and will provide specific facts to be included in the counselor's written Report of Counseling upon completion of counseling.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – The Firm employs ADR neutral/mediators who are unbiased, third parties trained in ADR techniques. The Firm utilizes effective techniques including mediation, arbitration, facilitation and peer review to resolve disputes. The ADR neutral will facilitate open communication between the aggrieved party and a designated management official in a collaborative, non-adversarial manner.

EEO Investigations – The Firm will conduct investigations of formal complaints of employment discrimination filed by civilian employees, applicants, former employees and certain contract employees. The Firm will provide neutral, timely and thorough Reports of Investigation.

Final Agency Decisions – Draft recommended decisions based upon a review and analysis of the entire record

Report Writing – In accordance with a customized Statement of Work, skilled writers who are certified EEO investigators will integrate and analyze information gathered during an investigation to determine that all accepted issues have been addressed to assure the investigation's scope and depth are sufficient, and the facts are adequately substantiated. A Report of Investigation will be drafted in accordance with the Statement of Work based on the complete record provided by the Agency.

Case Assembly – Assembly of Reports of Investigation, including number exhibits, sanitizing/redacting sensitive information, tabbing and copying. Final Reports of Investigation and Reports of Counseling will be made available in hard copy, electronic copy, or both.

Position Statements – Obtain an understanding of the facts and provide a response to the EEOC or other regulatory agency.

Compliance Review – Comprehensive review of organization or facility's practices with regard to equal employment opportunity, utilization of disadvantaged business enterprises, para-transit or disability, etc.

Misconduct Investigations – Comprehensive investigation into allegation of employee misconduct

Training & Education – Off the shelf or customized training programs, including Investigator Refresher Course, Counseling Refresher Course, Preparation of Letters of Acceptance/Dismissal; How to Write a Final Agency Decision and EEO for Managers and Supervisors.

General Consulting Services – Assistance with matters pertaining to EEO or HR including diversity, training, recruitment, affirmative action/affirmative employment


The EEO Services Division makes use of current, state-of-the-art office and software technology, including remote access capabilities, video web conferencing, and web portals for intake and interviews. The EEO Services Division utilizes automated compliance checklists to ensure that the Firm adheres to regulatory time frames, as well as to track the status and progress of complaints. The Firm has invested in a customized practice management program that automates the collection of data in the preparation of forms and correspondence in compliance with your Agency's Statement of Work, thereby reducing the potential for human error. This software also allows supervisory personnel to track the status of complaints against set milestones and time requirements. Use of this automated tracking system is required of all staff members and ensures that progress is made within regulatory time frames.