Corporate and Public Finance

The Firm handles a broad range of commercial transactions, including negotiations of purchases and sales of assets, dispositions of assets, workout plans, due diligence, foreclosure, creditors’ bankruptcy presentation and business litigation.  The Firm represents a number of corporations, as well as government entities in all types of commercial transactions.  Hollowell Foster & Herring, PCs municipal finance practice includes representation of insurers, underwriters, finance institutions and business entities on tax-exempt issues of varying kinds, including housing, healthcare facilities and private industry.

Over the past five years, the Firm has participated in over 100 tax-exempt issues involving an aggregate principal amount of over $5 billion.  The Firm served variously as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, issuer’s counsel and borrower’s counsel on numerous bond issues.  Such transactions have included direct and conduit financing, public bonds, refinancing and variable rate demands and credit enhancement features.


The EEO Services Division makes use of current, state-of-the-art office and software technology, including remote access capabilities, video web conferencing, and web portals for intake and interviews. The EEO Services Division utilizes automated compliance checklists to ensure that the Firm adheres to regulatory time frames, as well as to track the status and progress of complaints. The Firm has invested in a customized practice management program that automates the collection of data in the preparation of forms and correspondence in compliance with your Agency's Statement of Work, thereby reducing the potential for human error. This software also allows supervisory personnel to track the status of complaints against set milestones and time requirements. Use of this automated tracking system is required of all staff members and ensures that progress is made within regulatory time frames.